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Our Vision

Frame Farm became our family home in 2015, purchased with the intention of creating an exceptional private venue within the redundant Grade II listed farm buildings that lie to the west of the Georgian farmhouse. Giving the barns a new life, the farm a viable future, and supporting local businesses was of great importance to us, so we embarked on a meticulous restoration programme that took three and a half years to complete.

We incorporated low-carbon technology into the design with a deliberate move away from fossil fuels and a focus on energy efficiency. During our first year we renovated Weaver's Cottages and installed a biomass boiler, which provides all the heating and hot water requirements for all the buildings on the farm. We introduced low energy lighting and appliances throughout the buildings and our solar panels now produce a surplus of energy which can be directed into the heating system.

Wherever we can we have recycled and reused building materials in the renovation. The old stable posts now support the pontoon on the pond and horse troughs form the sinks in The Oak Barn. We felled a huge dead oak tree on the farm and have used the timber for both the restoration and for our bar, benches and table.

After two years seeking planning consents, our builders, Astral Ltd, finally broke ground in September 2017 to begin restoration of The Oak Barn and rebuild of The Byre. It has been an enormous and exhausting task lasting 16 months but the results are spectacular thanks to their attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

Our work on the gardens and landscaping, dredging of the pond and creation of the waterfall will be rewarded this Spring when our grasses, ferns and perennials begin to mature. We have planted over 500 trees and plants and will continue to add to our collection in the years to come.

Aside from our green aspirations, we know that a warm welcome, personal service and relaxed setting will ensure our guests are easily captivated by the magic and beauty of Frame Farm. It is a very special place that we look forward to sharing with you.

Tim & Deana Maw


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