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Our Vision

Frame Farm became our family home in 2015, purchased with the intention of creating an exceptional, eco-friendly venue within the redundant Grade II listed farm buildings that lie to the west of the Georgian farmhouse. Giving these barns a new life and the farm a viable future was of great importance to us so we embarked on a meticulous restoration programme that took three and a half years to complete.

We incorporated low-carbon technology into the design with a deliberate move away from fossil fuels and a focus on energy efficiency. During our first year we renovated Weaver's Cottages and installed a biomass boiler, to provide all the heating and hot water requirements for all the buildings on the farm. We introduced low energy lighting and appliances throughout the buildings and our solar panels now produce a surplus of energy which can be directed into the heating system.

Wherever we can we have recycled, upcycled and reused building materials in the renovation. The old stable posts now support the pontoon on the pond and horse troughs form the sinks in The Oak Barn. We felled a huge dead oak tree on the farm and have used the timber for both the restoration and for our bar, benches and tables.

In September 2017, our builders Astral Ltd, finally broke ground to begin restoration of The Oak Barn, rebuild of The Byre and redo the roadways. It was an enormous and exhausting task lasting 16 months but the results are spectacular thanks to their attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

Our work on the gardens and landscaping, dredging of the pond and creation of the waterfall was completed in 2018 and our grasses, ferns and perennials can now begin to mature. We have planted over 500 trees and plants and will continue to add to our collection in the years to come.

Aside from our green aspirations, we know that a warm welcome, personal service and relaxed setting will ensure our guests are easily captivated by the magic and beauty of Frame Farm. It is a very special place that we look forward to sharing with you.

Tim & Deana Maw

Join Our Team

Frame Farm is home to our exclusive venue nestled in a peaceful valley below the village of Benenden. The Grade II listed barns provide a stunning setting for weddings, parties, events and holiday lets with every convenience for private or corporate clients alike.

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Evening Duty Managers

Part-time Evening Duty Managers with excellent communication skills to oversee events.

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Winner of the inaugural 'The Sustainability and Environmental Impact Award' from Rural Business Awards and Amazon.



National Finalist for The Sustainability and Environmental Impact Award by Rural Business Awards


The UK enters lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic



Runner up for Best Rural Start Up Business, South East by Rural Business Awards


Planting of the ornamental grass garden as well as three new borders

2nd February

Our first wedding, Kate and Michael’s, is hosted on 2nd February and more than 20 events follow throughout the year.

19th January

Launch of The Oak Barn, Frame Farm



Timber from our felled tree is used to make furniture for the venue, in the farm workshop.


Landscaping of the drives and around the farmyard commences


The pond’s pontoon is built and planting of 340 perennial plants commence around the pond


The farm’s 17th century well is found buried under a conifer and stones. The pond’s waterfall is completed


The kitchen and cloakroom annex under construction



Work starts on the threshing barn (The Oak Barn) and animal shelter (The Byre) to convert the barns into the eco-friendly events venue.

The pond is dredged and excavations start on the car park



Weaver’s Cottages renovation is completed and first long-term tenants move in


A dead oak tree is felled, planked in the field and moved to the workshop for drying


Farmhouse is re-roofed


Specimen trees planted in the fields


160 broadleaved trees planted and named ‘Woodpecker Wood’


Work starts on the biomass boiler installation and excavations for the heat main pipework


16th July

Renovations begin on Weaver’s Cottages

15th July

Tim and Deana Maw purchase Frame Farm from Belinda Whaley


25th September

The Lester’s sell to Belinda Whaley


21st October

E. Hannaford sells to Paul and Mary Lester


The weaving house is converted into ‘Weaver’s Cottages’ for holiday lets


E. Hannaford farms the land and keeps race horses


General Alfieri owns or occupies Frame Farm (unconfirmed)


Alistair Ingram (1913-1975) and wife Daphne farm sheep and cattle


Lord Rothermere sells Hemsted Forest to the Forestry Commission and the main house become Benenden School


13th October

Harold Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere (1869-1940) sells Frame Farm to Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram (1880-1981)

1880 circa

The animal shelter is replaced with a new barn (later ‘The Byre’)


A Georgian farmhouse is built on older foundation


The threshing barn is built with recycled timbers (later ‘The Oak Barn”)


Hemsted Estate is sold to Gathorn Hardy


The census records 80% Benenden villagers to be farmers or farm workers


Approximate date the oast kilns were added to the weaving house


Construction of the weaving house at Frame Farm is completed (later ‘Weaver’s Cottages)